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 Our Mission

The mission of Health Action New Mexico is to work for accessible, affordable, and accountable health care for all people living in New Mexico. We are dedicated to engaging people in health care reform state-wide.


Our Heritage

Health Action New Mexico (HANM) was founded in 1995 as a coalition to achieve access to health care and fight Medicaid cuts.  HANM incorporated in 2000 as a free-standing nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization.
Health Action New Mexico was instrumental in passing the original patient bill of rights in New Mexico and educated the public on their rights under the Patient Protection Act.

HANM played a key role in ensuring that the proceeds from the sale of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Mexico were placed in a foundation and used for the disadvantaged and HANM monitored the state’s use of the tobacco settlement funds.

HANM conducted trainings on universal health care in both English and Spanish and organized a health care summit which was co-sponsored by 125 organizations and attended by over 300 persons.

The focus since our beginning has been on educating consumers and policy makers about health care access and reform issues facing New Mexico.

Today, we are the recognized consumer advocacy organization at the forefront of health care reform in New Mexico and the lead agency of a state-wide collaborative, The Health Care for All Campaign, working to achieve equitable, quality and affordable health care for all people living in New Mexico.



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